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Volume Caps™ includes a proprietary active ingredient combination of 100% natural amino acids and potent herbal concentrates from China, Europe, and South America.

Below you find a list of the powerful ingredients in our Volume Caps™ male enhancement tablet as well as details on some the individual ingredients and how they work.

We guarantee results within the first month. For best performance we recommend that you use Volume Caps for at least 2 months.

ZINC (as zinc oxide)

This essential mineral is involved in sperm motility and aids in maintaining testosterone levels. It also has a positive impact on the body’s metabolism, which leads to an increase in energy.

HORNY GOAT (epimedium sagittatum)

Horny Goat is an aphrodisiac that increases libido, and improves erectile function in men. Known also as Epimedium, horny goat weed was first described in ancient classical Chinese medicinal texts. Today, horny goat weed holds an important place in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is gaining popularity around the world.


Clinical trials performed in men have shown that Maca extracts can heighten libido and improve semen quality. A recent review states "Randomized clinical trials have shown that Maca has favorable effects on energy and mood, may decrease anxiety and improve sexual desire. Maca has also been shown to improve sperm production, sperm motility, and semen volume".

MUIRA PUAMA (ptychopetalum olacoides)

Muira Puama, also called "potency wood," is a small tree up to 15 feet in height native to the Brazilian Amazon. The bark and root are the primary parts of Muira Puama that are utilized. Indigenous peoples use Muira Puama for the therapy of sexual debility, fatigue, neuromuscular problems, and rheumatism. Muira Puama's botanical name is Ptychopetalum olacoides.

HAWTHORN BERRY (crataegus oxycantha)

Hawthorn berries have been used since the Middle Ages to support the heart and normalize cardiovascular functions. They are also associated with assisting blood flow which can aid in sexual enhancement. Hawthorn can help maintain the strength of vessels that carry blood and nutrients to the heart, and it also supports healthy circulation

CATUABA (erythroxylum catuaba)

Catuaba has a long history in herbal medicine as an aphrodisiac. Native to Brazil and parts of the Amazon, Catuaba is a central nervous system stimulant commonly used throughout the world for treating sexual impotence, exhaustion and fatigue.


Licorice root has an impressive list of well documented uses and is probably one of the most over-looked of all herbal remedies. Licorice also appears to enhance immunity by boosting levels of interferon, a key immune system chemical that fights off attacking viruses. It also contains powerful antioxidants as well as certain phytoestrogens that can perform some of the functions of the body's natural estrogens.

OAT STRAW (avena sativa)

Oat Straw is known to nourish the nerves, making tactile sensations more pleasurable. Oat Straw is one of the best remedies for "feeding" the central nervous system, especially when under stress. It is considered a specific in cases of nervous debility & exhaustion.


L-Carnitine Fumarate

This amino acid is found in high concentrations in healthy sperm. Proven to significantly increase the percentage of highly motile sperm.

The use of carnitine showed some promise in a controlled trial in selected cases of male infertility by improving sperm quality. L-carnitine supplementation has also shown to have beneficial effects in the treatment of varicocele, a major cause of male infertility.

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